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Neut-in(Electrostatics removal)

Smart option

HYRobotics Neut-in eliminates static from mold opening, before the robot arm takes parts from the mold, and also removes static after removal of parts.



  • Removing initial electrostatics after mold open process(normally occurs more than 20,000 Voltage)

  • Cutting down labor cost and purchasing extra equipment cost

  • Preventing dust adhesion due to polluted air by air compression type

  • The device can be attached on any part of the robot arm(No need for air tubing)


  • Photo type ionizer on the robot arm

  • Removes electrostatic during take-out process

  • Removal is instantaneous by using a Beam Method (not air compression)


  • Static removal: more than 95%(less than 100V)

  • Removing time: 1~2 sec(no effect on take-out robot cycle time)

  • Removing area: diameter 60cm/ 20cm distance

Case of installation

Smart option

Muge-in(Weight detection solution)

Muge-in(Weight detection solution)

Weight Detection

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