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We will always consider about our customers first.

Recently, following the 4th industrial revolution, the concept of an autonomous factory through the robot automation has emerged amid the paradigm shift of the industry. Hanyang Robotics is a company specializing in industrial robots and factory automation, providing optimal solutions for various needs of industrial sites. 

We are helping for upgrade and development of industrial sites by improving productivity, improving product quality, rapid service, enhancing collaboration between workers and robots for reducing production costs and make a better working environment for the workers. Hanyang Robotics, which has been researching robots and automation technologies for 30 years, is striving to design and develop products by thinking about what customers really want and need first.

Hanyang Robotics will continuously aim to impress customers and provide more opportunity and experience to our executives and employees for their pride and confidence particularly through technological innovation of our robots and automation. As we promised, we will always consider our customers first, and we will strive to make the World happier with more satisfactions for both the customers and our employees. Your great interest and support in the changes and sustainable growth of Hanyang Robotics will be able to change the World and make our life more innovative.  

Thank you.


All employees of Hanyang robotics

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