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Temp-in(Mold Temperature detection)

Smart option

HYRobotics Temp-in system is measuring mold surface temperature variance of each cycle of production to detect any change of molding environment during the production cycle.



  • Economic: comparing to the thermistor scale device 

- no need for sensor attachment on mold 

- detecting temperature and collect the data in real-time

  • Possible to detect both temperature of mold surface and product surface

  • Managing temperature data of each cycle to prevent mass production of defective product


  • Temperature detection device on robot arm(Infrared sensor type)

  • Defective products are discarded when a standard temperature value and discard positions are programmed

  • Optional alarm notification when the temperature exceeds set value

  • Automatically saved, real-time data is available for PC download or via smartphone


Tolerance : at least ±1℃

No effect on take-out robot cycle time(in 0.5sec)

The maximum point: 4 points

Case of installation

Smart option

Muge-in(Weight detection solution)

Muge-in(Weight detection solution)

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