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Long lengths of robots export(NEXIA-2500SYCT-TOC) - 2011.04.29

April 2011 exports to Russia Samsung Electronics Corporation (SERK)

It is the longest of the products we have created.

This product is longest of our products.

▷ Model: NEXIA-2500SYCT-TOC

▷ applies Injection: ENGEL 2300 COMBI

▷ species travel type 3-axis servo robot

▷ driving Stroke (species): 14,000mm

▷ forward-Stroke (transversal): 1920mm

▷ down the river Stroke: 2740mm

▷ Payload: Max 50kgf

LLC Samsung Electronics RUS Kaluga 249002 Russia, Kaluga region, Borovsk distraction, Koryakovo village, 1-st Severniy drive. estate 1

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