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MACH-II Series

1-axis, pneumatic actuator take-out robot

It is a high-performance take-out robot accumulated 30 years of robot technology.
We took the advantages of the existing robot and added new technologies.

Anyone can realize process automation systems smartly, easily and quickly.

MACH-II Series


  • Injection Molding : 100~650Ton

  • Servo Motor Axis : Max. 5 axis

  • Motion guide : High Strength and Low noise LM

  • Vertical Arm Structure : Telescopic Arm (2step)

  • Controller : Body Attached Controller

  • Traverse Structure : Digital Servo Motor

  • Verical Structure : Pneumatic Actuator

  • Crosswise Structure : Pneumatic Actuator

  • Power : 1 Phase AC220V(50/60HZ)

  • Driving Method : Digital Servo Motor

  • Control Method : Micro Computer

  • Air pressure : 6 kgf/cm2

  • Max. Air pressure : 8 kgf/cm2

  • Chunk Rotation : 90˚

  • Controller : HYNC-200


  • Interface considering User’s convenience

  • Smart controller improving inconvenience on the actual field

  • Developed and verified with the experience accumulated more than 30 years

  • Ejector control and alarm setting

  • Delicate functions that improve work efficiency

  • Products and sprue are released at separate places so that simple repetitive job and be eliminated

  • Space usage maximization with the settings of take-out and releasing for stacking position

  • Various settings for injection molding site

  • Time setting for each step

  • Max. 99 mold files saving function

Technical Data




Traverse with AC servo,
Telescopic arm(2 step)

대상 사출기 형체력


Case of installation

1-axis, pneumatic actuator take-out robot

HIT Series

HIT Series

Traverse with AC servo, non telescopic arm

MACH-II Series

MACH-II Series

Traverse with AC servo, telescopic arm(2 step)

TOPIV Series

TOPIV Series

Swing type

TOPIV-V-X Series

TOPIV-V-X Series

Swing type(side)

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