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HYK-70 Controller


It is a high-performance take-robot with 30 years of robot technology know-how.
The existing strong points are utilized and new technologies are added.

Anyone can implement a process automation system easily and quickly and smartly.



  • High Performance CPU: I.MX6, 1.2GHZ ARM CORTEXTM-A9 CORE

  • 7" Widescreen: High resolution 1024 X 600
    Ergonomic Design

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design in smart widescreen format

  • Function key for IMM optimization operation via status LED

  • Simple and complex operation

  • can be operated with 3 different teaching method(mode, teaching, and PLC programming)

  • From simple engineer tasks to advanced functionality, the program is freely available

  • USB Backup Devices


  • Easy and convenient behavior settings

  • Three modes of action setting (easy, teaching, and program) are easy to set up and can implement a variety of movements

  • Enables pre-action simulation

  • 3d robot program simulation is possible

  • Convenient setting using images

  • Store product photos in mold files for easy operator identification of mold files

  • Use graphic images to conveniently use loading functions when setting loading tasks

  • Robot available via non-operating pendant or PC connection in case of pendant failure

Economic efficiency

  • Power savings of 25% or more

  • Servo auto-slip feature minimizes current consumption

  • Reduce cycle time with vibration control

  • Apply special motion algorithm - reduce vibration time by 50% or more

  • Shortest path auto-calculation capability for right-angled automatic calculation and smooth operation

  • Reduce setup time

  • Standard operation can be set for a short time using three modes of operation setting


  • Mold collision protection

  • Mold protection zone settings prevent collision with the robot

  • Ejector interlocking function

  • The robot arm automatically moves backward when the injector moves forward to protect pins and improve robot durability


  • Implementation of Remote Monitoring through the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Real-time inspection of injection site conditions through network interworking

  • Screening and quality improvement of injection defects through options such as weight, temperature, electrostatic, vision, etc

  • Continuous Injection Molding Total Solution Extends New Features


HYH-70 Controller

HYH-70 Controller

for H5 Articulated multi axis robot for IMM

HYK-70 Controller

HYK-70 Controller




Efficient controller with essential feature

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