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SRPF-300 Series

All-axis servo type take-out robot

It is a high-performance take-out robot accumulated 30 years of robot technology

We took the advantages of the existing robot and added new technologies.

Anyone can realize process automation systems smartly, easily and quickly.



  • Injection Molding Machine: 100~350 Ton

  • Motion Guide: LM guide

  • Traverse Structure: Digital Servo Motor

  • Power: 1Phase AC220V(50/60Hz)

  • Driving Method: Digital Serco Motor

  • Control Method: Micro Computer

  • Air Pressure: 6kgf/cm2

  • Max. Air Pressure: 8kgf/cm2

  • Chuck Rotation: 90˚

  • Controller: HYNC-200


  • User-friendly interface

  • Developed and verified by experts in injection molding industry

  • 30 years of know-how technology is applied

  • Ejector control and alarm setting

  • User can teach the robot motions through simple mode selectino

  • Products and sprue are released at separate places so that simple repetitive job can be eliminated

  • Programmed to set take-out position and releasing (or stacking) position

  • Various settings for injection molding site

  • Time setting for each step-> Step modification in either Auto or Manual mode

  • Max. 99 mold files


Super Smart

Technical data







Case of installation

All-axis servo type take-out robot

EPIK Series

EPIK Series

Advanced specification take-out robot

UNIK-II Series

UNIK-II Series

Diffusion specification, telescopic vertical arm(2 step)

EPIK-SW Series

EPIK-SW Series

Advanced specification, integrated crosswise and vertical axis

SR II/III Series

SR II/III Series

Side-entry take-out robot

UNIK Series

UNIK Series

Diffusion specification, Non telescopic vertical arm

SRPF-300 Series

SRPF-300 Series

PET Preform take-out robot

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